Dear Friends,

Having known and worked with Hiram House for many years, we are deeply grateful for what has been accomplished to enrich the lives of children throughout Northeast Ohio since it was founded in 1896. Through exposure to the Camp’s beautiful wooded 172-acre natural surroundings and the guidance and dedication of its well trained staff, countless generations of youngsters have learned valuable life skills, such as friendship, honesty, acceptance of others, leadership, confidence and self-reliance.

For most of the first century of its history, Hiram House relied on its own resources to fund capital improvements at the Camp. Quietly and modestly this jewel of a resource inspired and befriended children, and offered financial assistance to youth in need, those who have never strolled beside a lake or whose backyard is a cement alley. Today, Hiram House, a not for profit organization, has expanded its programs to serve thousands of children a year with a life enriching outdoor education experience, despite working with a facility that has grown old and tired from decades of use by active, vibrant children.

After a thorough analysis of youth camping, a comprehensive study by a nationally known camp planning firm, working with current and former campers, parents and other key Hiram House constituencies, the Board of Trustees developed a Master Plan that produced a multi-year vision and blueprint for the future. It identified those facilities requiring immediate replacement, renovation, or restoration. The Board then determined a multi-million dollar goal was needed to revitalize the Camp for the 21st century.

Hiram House Campaign – “Enriching the Lives of Our Children”
is an effort by Hiram House to raise capital funds from the Greater Cleveland/Northeast Ohio community. With the construction of new state-of-the arts facilities for living, dining and recreational space, Hiram House will be positioned to continue its necessary mission to serve children, especially at-risk youth in need of a place for personal growth, fun and exposure to the outdoors. These facilities and programs will support educational needs, as well as help us address critical social issues and problems. They will also enable us to serve more children and community groups with greater flexibility.

In the initial phase of the plan, Hiram House has already completed the necessary new support infrastructure, replaced fifty-year old cabins with several new all-weather, residential Log Cabins, built a new “Double H Ranch” Western Horseback Riding Center, and an Alpine Climbing Tower. In the next phase, other new or renovated structures and specific program areas are planned or in progress, including: Dining Center, Activity Center, Aquatic Center, and Lodge Village Cabin, as well as restoration of Pioneer Circle and updates to various Program Support Facilities and Areas.

Hiram House leadership, trustees, staff and others have already committed to this campaign. We have made this special camp our top priority as donors and as a community effort that deserves our time and attention. It is our hope that you will lend your support and partner with us to complete our campaign goal and help us enrich the lives of our children, today and tomorrow!


Kevin D. Barnes, President, Board of Trustees

Russell R. Grundke, Executive Director & Secretary

Michael R. Canty, Vice President-Development

Spencer N. Pisczak, Vice President-Finance & Treasurer

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